The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity

The first documentary evidence is contained in Domesday and is a record of a gift of land to the church. The record reads that in 1085 Humphrey the Chamberlain gave half a hide (roughly seventy acres) to the church. A fragment of this gift of nearly nine centuries ago existed in our century and is known as “Clerke’s Acre”, i.e. Priest’s Acre.

Over the years various renovations have been carried out. Sometime in the fifteenth century the nave and tower were pulled down and new ones in the Perpendicular style of the time were erected. The tower still remains and the aisle- less nave was extended to about two thirds of the present nave. In the eighteenth Century a small window was put in between the porch and the tower. The chancel and nave were filled with large square pews all held by the farmers and there were benches for “the others”. Stourpaine must have passed through some distressing times in subsequent years as sadly the church became dilapidated. The severity of the dilapidation was such that during the nineteenth Century it was decided to call in T.H.Wyatt. He pronounced that with the exception of the tower, complete rebuilding was necessary. Many repairs have been undertaken in the 20th Century. Floorboards at the rear of the church were replaced due to beetle infestation.

The War Memorial was moved into the churchyard when the main road was widened in the 1970s. Two choir stalls have been removed, altar frontals replaced and most recently the major renovation of the Grade II listed Lychgate.

Today Holy Trinity is well maintained and plays a prominent role in the life of Stourpaine. The work amongst the children of the village is flourishing. There is at least one service every Sunday, utilising both the modern forms of Common Worship and the well-loved traditional services from the Book of Common Prayer. There is an active band of bell ringers.

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Lay Pastoral Assistants:
Mrs Sue Atkinson Rose House, South Holme, Stourpaine T: 01258 455 778
Church Wardens:
Mr Chris Brown T: 01258 451 129
Mrs Fran Bromley T: 01258 458 105

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