If you are thinking of attending a service, please could you consider the following: 

 Hymn books, Bibles and service orders have been safely stored away. If you are attending the BCP service, please could you bring a copy of the Prayer Book with you. 

 For other services there will be a take-away service sheet for you to keep. 

 Social distancing in church remains at two metres. This means we need to restrict the number of people attending the service. It would be helpful if you could let the appropriate Church Warden know by 7.00pm on Saturday that you would like to attend the service on Sunday. 

St Peter’s Church John Beckford 721318 

Holy Trinity Church Chris Brown 451129 

St Nicholas’ Church Lesley Bryning 450102 

 You will be asked to wait at the door; the church warden or sides person will direct you to your seat. 

 At the end of the service, please remain seated until you are asked to leave by the church warden or sides person. 

 The toilets at St Peter’s and St Nicholas’ churches will not be open for use. 

 There will be a retiring collection at the end of the service. Please place your gift in the basket as you leave. However, there is high level risk of cross contamination associated with coins and notes. If this is your usual way of giving, could you perhaps now consider paying by standing order? If you would like more information on this method of payment, please contact your church treasurer. 

St Peter’s Velda Andrews 

Holy Trinity Caro Mackay 

St Nicholas’ John Young